Minor Case Rye


Intro: From Limestone Branch Distillery - In our release of Minor Case Whiskey we explore what might have been if the talent-fueled M. C. Beam had the opportunity to have his stills unsilenced and his production reawakened through prohibition. With this product we raise a glass in tribute to Minor Case; the man, the unrepentant passion and the product he sought to create. We’d like to think he would be proud of what his great-grandsons have been up to, and we hope you are too.

Review: The nose…very rye on the nose…I like it! It has that rye bread sharp note common on most rye whiskey’s. I already warmed up the pallet with Colonel Taylor Single Barrel…so the first sip should be good to go…let’s see…

The first sip…slight lip burn, thin mouth feel…oh yeah…there it is! It’s like drinking High West Rendezvous rye! Wow! This is a Sherry cask finished rye, so it has a sweeter note to it like the Midwinters Night Dram. Second sip…no lip burn…you can hold this one forever without burn…mmmm…wow what a finish, sweet rye notes and you get that sweetness of the sherry coming through. Third sip…more of the barn flavor profile on that sip, that’s the oak barrel coming through a little…hahaha…what the hell do I know, it’s probably a dead pigeon that was sucked into the mill while trying to eat the corn and rye as it went down into the mill. That’s fuck JDub just texted me…he said I should try some drano…that I might really like the finish…let’s see how he likes it when I delete all his reviews and ban him from the website!

Forth sip…again, same profile as before with the sweet rye, almost no heat. I really enjoy this one.

Is it worth the $? $39.99 at the exchange…yeah it’s worth having it in the collection. It’s about $48 in the open market. I think it a nice rye. If you are into rye, or finished whiskeys this is a good one to add to the collection.