Rock Hill Farms


Intro: From Sazerac Company - Seductive aromatic notes of toasted walnut, dried red fruits, spice, cocoa and marshmallow. Flavors of dark chocolate, chocolate covered almond, coffee, tobacco and dark caramel. The finish is smooth, silky, toffee sweet and honeyed.

Review: The nose…a lot like the Colonel Taylor Single Barrel, citrus with a little more heat. It’s mash bill number #2 after all, its a high rye.

The first sip…mmm…its got some heat. Man, the gums are on fire. I gave it the good swish and now it’s numb! Sip two…less heat…as expected…more rye and spice. It’s a little warm. The finish kind of changes as goes down, from the warm sweetness to a bitter dry note. Third sip…not getting better, not getting worse. It might be better with a hit of water or maybe on ice. It could use some mellowing out, its stiff in the rye flavor, the hot cinnamon flavor. Ok, I never do this, but i added maybe 6-8 drops of water…the nose has completely changed to the musty barn oaky note that makes a great bourbon. Let’s see if the flavor profile changes…Forth sip…a slight saltier flavor, and it did kill the heat. Fifth and last…I remember this being much better…could be my palate changing…alright, its a good bourbon tonight, not the knock my socks off that I remember…I will update the review later if it gets better…

Is it worth the $? I paif $59.99 for it in Rhode Island. It is worth it. I like to have it in my collection, and I know if you are a collector, you would like to have it as well.