Ancient Age 90



Since 1946 this bourbon has been held in high regard. 80 proof and distilled from corn, rye and barley malt, it’s smooth and simple, yet robust in its own way. There is much to love about this bourbon that has withstood the test of time.


Are you a fan of Blanton's...maybe Rock Hill Farms and cannot find it?  So you're walking back and forth looking among the many bottles of amber nectar hoping that someone mixed in a 15 year Pappy among the $10 bottles...and you spot this yellow labeled Ancient Age 90.  "WTF is this garbage", you think to yourself.  It's mash bill #2 people...the same as Blanton's, Rock Hill Farms and Elmer T. Lee!  It's a high rye mash bill, 12-15% rye.  

While not a punch in the face with alcohol smell but it does have some heat.  Smells kind of sweet, a long drawl from the glass just off the nose reminds me of maple syrup.  It burns the lips a little but not the tongue until you swallow.  It has more of a bread flavor than say Benchmark, the low rye mash bill.  MMM...its a good bourbon, just a solid drink, made from the world's finest distiller.  The finish is not long, more of a mid finish in terms of length.  (note:  I write these reviews as I drink the bourbon).  The bourbon is not too sweet on the finish but it has a good well balanced after taste that my pallet enjoys.  One of my favorite bourbons is Eagle Rare for the finish that is super grassy, sending me back to standing in fields in Kentucky as a kid while the sun goes down and the dew falls.  Ancient Age 90 has a similar finish after the burn goes away but not quite as strong in thought provocation.

Is it worth the $?

You saw $10 on the shelf for this bourbon.  Is it worth it?  It is well worth it!  Again, paying $60 for Blanton's is sometimes warranted but this is a fabulous bourbon and not to be dismissed.  Do yourself a favor and get this bourbon, not the 10 star or the 80 proof, get the 90.