Old Charter


Intro:  From Buffalo Traces website...

This 80 proof whiskey has a certain balance to it that’s hard to beat. With a full body and complex flavors, this bourbon is easily enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. An all-around solid whiskey that any bourbon drinker can appreciate.


Old Charter is another Buffalo Trace product.  It is made from mash bill #1, like so many other great bourbons.  This is not one of them.  I was talking to my Dad last night while sampling this one and mentioned to him how the younger bourbons give me a slight hangover feeling, something I never get when I drink, say, Eagle Rare.  Eagle Rare is a 10 year bourbon, or older, and Old Charter is aged "many seasons"...not even trying to give a clue as to an age.  What I can tell you the next morning, after having less than 1.5oz of the bourbon, it gave me a huge headache.  It burns the lips, and has no real mouth feel until you swallow...then pure pain.  It is a teeth clinch and a grimace for the afterburn.  I am not a fan of the finish but the underlying flavor of mash bill #1 is still there.  

Is it worth the $?

$14.99...plus tax is what I paid...no it is not worth it.  $8.99 at most, and a bottle of Tylenol.  If you just want to have it added to your stable of Buffalo Trace products like I did, then go for it.  If you need a daily drinker...this is not it.