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High West Campfire is the world's finest blend of scotch, bourbon, and rye whiskeys.  A very unusual, distinctive, yet delicious whiskey.


Nose - I found this on the High West website:  "Floral, fruity, bright and spicy, caramel, butterscotch, Light smoke and smoldering wood from a campfire the morning after, jasmine, chai tea, sandalwood, leather, tobacco, pine resin and toasted bread."  

That is a WHOLE LOT going on in a glass!  I got the smoky notes from the scotch that could draw in on the smoldering campfire wood.  I even got a bit of caramel and spice....but the rest, wow...I gotta be honest, my sniffer is not well versed on sandalwood, jasmine, and chai tea.  I swear, some of these reviewers remind me of Paul Giamatti during the wine tasting scene on the movie Sideways:

Miles Raymond:  "Now, stick your nose in it.  Don't be shy, really get your nose in there.  Mmm...a little citrus....maybe some strawberry....passion fruit...and, oh, there's just like the faintest soup├žon of like asparagus and just a flutter of a, like a, nutty Edam cheese." 

Jack:  "Wow.  Strawberries, yeah!  Strawberries.  Not the cheese." 

Paul Giamatti.jpg

Rub -  A loaf of bread....the smoke goes away and the yeast appears.  I almost pick up a bit of farm barn smell.  It is nice.   

Taste - Zero burn on the lips and a slight touch on the tongue.  Throat warms up a bit and the finish is that of a light smoky scotch.  I'm not a huge scotch fan, but this isn't bad.  The smoke isn't overpowering and doesn't linger long enough to turn me off.  

Is it worth the $? 

I paid $62 for this and will likely pay whatever is on the sticker to ensure I get 1 of every High West products in my cabinet.  I wouldn't buy a second just because it is still tiptoeing away from bourbon and into the scotch world.