Widow Jane 10 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Widow Jane.png


Widow Jane 10 is aged a minimum of 10 years which we hold to be close to perfection. Many people tell us that the Widow drinks more like a 20 year old thanks to a depth & complexity that is highly unusual even for its age. On the nose people find ripe fruits, cream, and toffee. The front delivers black cherry, the mid-point orange leading to a long long finish with spice & cinnamon. Altogether a remarkable Bourbon of which we are justifiably proud.


Nose - It is a very deep, smooth, and cool smell....almost like what you would get when you walk into a cave after being out in the summer sun.  That change in atmosphere around you, if that makes sense.  The aromas I pick up are definitely the toffee and cream that is mentioned on the website along with a light baked apple smell.  

Rub - The grain smell is terrific when smelling it on the palm.  The other notes from smelling it in the snifter kind of disappear....like stepping out of the cave directly into a bakery.

Taste - Very subtle amount of heat from lips to tongue to throat on the finish.  A well rounded and balanced drink.  Not too spicy, not too complex...pretty even keeled.  I don't get any of the black cherry or orange that is listed on the WJ website....but the cinnamon spice and pepper are there.  Not sure who tastes this that could deduce cherry and orange flavors....not sure I would want those flavors in a bourbon anyway.  

Is it worth the $?

I got this for $70 and it is worth it to have in the collection for sure.  It is an easy to drink neat bourbon.