Corsair Ryemageddon



This is the aged version of our Double Gold medal winning Wry Moon, rye white whiskey.  American rye whiskey distilled from malted rye and chocolate rye.


Nose - No astringency and really no spice.  Forward on the chocolate rye aroma.  

Rub - Again, there is the rye....almost like nosing a loaf of rye bread.  Not really a whole lot going on in the complexity arena.  One dimensional with the aroma.

Taste - No spice hardly until the finish...which gives a smidgen on the tongue and throat.  There is the chocolate....dark chocolate flavors and there is the rye.  I don't mind isn't knocking my socks off though. 

Is it worth the $?

I wanted my first Corsair experience to be fantastic since the distillery is about an hour from where I grew up.  This didn't do it...but I am willing to try some more of their products.  I paid $35....not my flavor profile so I say no...but it may be up your alley.