The Two Rubes


Rube 2 - JDUB

Hey, I’m Jon…most call me JDUB. Other callsigns I’ve acquired over a career in Naval Aviation are “AssFault” and “Cooter.” As you can see from these, I have really made a positive impact on all of my coworkers. I just looked over at Droopy’s bio and he misspelled jargon. WHAT THE HELL IS “JARGO,” DROOPY?! It even flags misspellings, you cotton-headed ninnymuggins! See, it flagged ninnymuggins.

Well, as you can see, I am in the same boat as Droopy…a complete rube who is too educated to be this idiotic. Oh, and I also love bourbon. Like anyone who has moved away from their home and have pride in their heritage, I have clung to many aspects of Kentucky’s identity…UK athletics (I’m not a budget ass Louisville fan), horse racing, agriculture, and bourbon. I grew up 20 miles from Bardstown, which is the bourbon capital of Kentucky and, in turn, the bourbon capital of the world (6 distilleries within a 5 mile radius of the town center…and at least 4 more within a 15 mile radius). I can remember smelling the sour fumes coming into town and used to think it was so offensive. Now I would pay, like many others do on the bourbon trail every day, to get back home for another whiff.

I left home right after high school in 1999 and completed my undergraduate degree at the U.S. Naval Academy. Like Droopy, I service selected aviation and was fortunate enough to fly the P-3C Orion and am currently fly it as a pilot in the Naval Reserves. When I am not playing Navy pilot, I work as a contractor on the same Navy flight test program as Droopy and enjoy carrying our banter into the professional environment. Often times, coworkers get to witness us belittling or berating one an0ther or even winging footballs at each other from across the office. My hobbies include beating Droopy in golf…or simply beating him with a tire iron…or a 2 x 4…that’s always a good one!

After I left home, both my dad and brother began employment with Jim Beam in Clermont, KY. Their involvement in the industry kickstarted my interest and I started getting into bourbon seriously around 2014 timeframe. I had a friend from home build me a bourbon cabinet and I took it as a personal challenge to put it to good use. Once Droopy caught the bug, we cut the brake-lines to this runaway bourbon train and we haven’t attempted to slow down since. Droopy developed the website a couple years ago and we have enjoyed populating it with all things bourbon.

Don't hesitate to send your suggestions or requests….or high end bourbon…send plenty of that!

Eat shit Droopy,


Rube 1 - Droopy

Hello, I’m Rob, also known as Droopy. JDub and I started this website because we thought that most people who review bourbon speak over their audiences head and use jargoN(Fixed JDub…Rube!) like everyone knows what the hell they are talking about.

…That…and because we like to drink bourbon.

I started drinking bourbon seriously about 3 years ago and being born and raised in Kentucky thought it was the calling for me if I was going to get into adult beverages. I am not a beer drinker, and the craft beer distillery scene is for a crowd of people I don’t understand…you know who you are.

Like I said I was born and raised in Kentucky, attended the directional state school of Western Kentucky University as an undergrad, following that I joined the Navy and flew the mighty P-3 Orion. I snuck my way into Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business earning a MBA and MS in Marketing which I have never used! I work now as a contractor supporting a Navy flight test squadron and enjoy raising the kids, playing golf and drinking bourbon!

Let us know if we can review a bourbon for you…if you include your name we will be sure to mention it on the podcast we do reviewing your bourbon!

Cheers - Droopy