Woodford Reserve Distillery Series Bottled in Bond


Intro: The distillery series is a series of bourbons and ryes that are just released and sold onsite at Woodford Reserve.

Review: The nose…very heavy in the barley category…gave the wife a little sniff and she shrieked away and grabbed her nose like i spritzed jalapeno juice up her nose… I on the other hand, just thought it was heavy in grain aromas, which aren’t that flattering in this instance.

The first burner sip…just to kill off the pain receptors…don’t forget when you are sipping, to coat the inside of your mouth with the liquid so you can enjoy, or at least, evaluate the liquor without as much sting. Second sip…well…it’s heavy in the barley category…just kind spiced grains…the long finish is quite good, sweet with a little spice, like a cinnamon spice. Third sip…its warm, and grainy, a bit like the oat grain bourbon they just released, but it has more cinnamon flavors. It’s sweet, which I like. Forth sip…super grains on the front, followed by a touch of sweet, spice and a balance of vanilla and sugary notes. It’s not at all like what I thought it would be like. I didn’t expect it to be so grain forward. It’s got a great finish, like a sweet cake or chocolate.

Is it worth the $? Mmmm. It’s $49 per 375ml…it is a unique product, not sold in large quantities and hard to get. I like it, it’s one of their better offerings in this line. If you want to try a bottled in bond, I might go with a different one, say any of the colonel taylor products. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice product from Brown-Foreman, Chris did it right. If you are a collector or on the bourbon trail and find it, you won’t be upset if you buy it and it will be a great product to add to your collection.