Jefferson's Ocean Voyage 11


Intro:  Well, Jeffersons is just exhausting with their write-ups...

11-B jeffersons.jpg

I told you!


The Rub...  

Sweet and barn floor, like a dusty barn, almost causing a cough kind of dusty.  

The Nose...

Again a sweet fruity smell.  Not over-powering with fumes but present.  I just tipped the glass back a little and caught all fume...what a mistake.  A whiff of some bad smells on the third try.  Let's just move on with the taste.

The Taste...

First sip...tiny lip burn, no tongue burn.  Oh man, it's ok.  Nothing lasting in the finish.  Not offensive but not great.  Second sip...  What is that taste?  Is it like a fruit or what, I cannot tell.  It has it's own flavor that isn't bad but I can't put my finger on it.  Third burn.  It's got a very strong rye or barley note.  I'm not a huge fan of that in a finish but if you are this is right up your alley.  It's sweet on the tongue, not offensive.  Fourth sip... ugh, not getting better and not growing on me at all.  

Is it worth the $?

God no.  It's like $60 - $100 a bottle.  No sir.  This is worth about $15.  It's not the bourbons fault the company decided to up the price because they spent $250,000 on boat fuel to haul this garbage across the world.  All of this voyage crap is just a gimmick, I have a 2 I think, this will be the last of the purchases.  I don't get where this company gets off on making so many variants of bourbon with the fancy finishes but stop, please for the love of god, stop.  Just make good bourbon and it will sell.  Of course, I'm not a pretentious YUPY douche, so maybe this isn't marketed for me.