Woodford Reserve Master's Collection Oat Grain


Intro: The 2018 Master’s Collection Oat Grain Kentucky Bourbon plays homage to this history by including oats in its grain recipe while minimizing the rye content. Oats are the traditional flavor grain in pot still Irish Whiskey. This four-grain recipe brings forward the barrel’s rich oak flavor contribution and an Irish whiskey’s fruitiness.

Review: The nose…strong vanilla and a hint of oatmeal/grain that is not normal in most bourbon nose-ings. I didn’t get any spice or other notes on the nose. Very nice.

The first sip…slight lip burn, no mouth burn…can sense the lightness of the bourbon, not heavy in texture. OAT/GRAIN forward! It’s very smooth. No after taste except a light oat flavor. Second sip…same mouth feel, oat bread…a slight burn on the swallow then gone as fast as it showed up. It’s not offensive but different like all of the Master’s Collection products that I have tried.

Is it worth the $? I hate to say it but we paid $85.99 on base today…on the Liquor Barn website it is listed at $129.99…now, is it worth the price I paid, YES, without question. It is a unique part of the Woodford family and should be revered. If I had to pay retail…I would not buy it unless I knew I would love it…having had it, I would still tell you to buy it IF you are into bourbon and like to collect products, or as a gift for a bourbon lover. I would NOT buy it if I wanted to try something and didn’t love bourbon already and know what I was getting from the Master’s Collection line.