Jim Beam Signature Craft Brown Rice (11 years)

Jim Beam Signature Craft Brown Rice (11 years).png


Jim Beam® Harvest Bourbon Collection™ best exemplifies the merger of tradition with unique experimentation and exploratory craftsmanship. It’s the ultimate experience for the truest of whiskey adventurers, a product 11 years old with the passion of seven generations of whiskey making.


Over the past 3 or 4 months, Jim Beam has really climbed the ladder in my opinion. Again, up until I began collecting bourbon seriously and really even until I started reviewing bourbons, I always regarded Jim Beam products as bottom shelf. Boy, was I ever wrong. Their top line market is exceptional and I am particularly a fan of any Knob Creek product (Small Batch, Single Barrel, and Rye) as well as any of their craft series. The major deterrent to the market of these items is the fact that they are typically priced around $45 for a pint. Anyhow, I found the Brown Rice version for $29, so I scooped it up.

Nose - Really a great aroma. A deep caramel nose with a very faint spice on the tail-end of each sniff. Almost a dank tint to it that I find pleasant…like a cave mustiness or something. I can’t really pinpoint it, but I like it.

Taste - A slight heat that is evenly distributed over the tongue…maybe a bit more intense on the sides. The flavor is great too. This is another great experimental series by Jim Beam. Has a bit more of a sweeter flavor than I prefer, but I am certain a small ice cube would settle that down. The vanilla stands out to me the most and the spice is more of a light pepper rather than the traditional cinnamon. The finish is very satisfying…great aftertaste with minimal heat. Man, I have to get the full spectrum of Signature Craft…they are liquid gold.

Is it worth the $?

A fifth of this at $60 would certainly be a repeatable price to me.