Hunter & Scott



Hunter and Scott Bourbon is distilled, aged and bottled by Reservoir Distillery in Richmond.  This smooth, balanced and versatile whiskey has a mash bill of 75 percent corn, 20 percent wheat and 5 percent rye, all locally grown in Virginia. Each handmade, single run, small batch whiskey is made with only the finest quality grains and yeast. The name is derived from the middle names of each of the distillers.


Nose - First shot at sniffing this little guy had a bit of a weird chemical fume odor. After a minute of letting it air out, the nose became much more pleasant. There is definitely a dark chocolatey smell that stands out above all other notes. Not a whole lot of the vanilla or caramel I pick up from most bourbons but there is a very miniscule amount of spice in the background….like an easy pepper. Fumes have dissipated completely and the aroma is unique and enjoyable.

Taste - No heat on the lips and not a lot on the tongue either. The finish is easy with a light reemergence of spices that were lacking on the initial sip. Follow on sips have a similar onset to the palate. The flavor is difficult to describe. It is certainly unique and leaves a bit of a weird aftertaste. It just tastes foreign to the traditional bourbon target flavor. I’m not sure I can get paste the aftertaste. Last attempt….a bit flat on entry into the mouth and again with the weird spice backed aftertaste. It almost tastes as though I grabbed a handful of potpourri from the middle of the table and chased them with cinnamon Red Hot candies. Not a big fan.

Is it worth the $?

Forty doll hairs? Hard pass. Much better bourbons out there for half the price. This is a space filler in my bourbon cabinet where space is at a premium!