Wild Turkey Forgiven Whiskey was created by accident when a distillery crew-member mistakenly mingled together a perfectly-matured, six-year old Wild Turkey Bourbon (78%) with a high-proof, four-year old Wild Turkey Rye (22%) (each had matured in American oak casks with a #4 char). After the mistake was made, Eddie Russell tasted the blend and quickly concluded that the exceptional whiskey should be brought to market, giving birth to Wild Turkey Forgiven. "I was mad when I first discovered our crew's mistake," says Russell, "but once I tasted it, all was Forgiven."


Nose - Next to no astringency...a decent vanilla and butterscotch aroma.  A pretty good nose overall.   

Rub - More earthy version of the vanilla and butterscotch I picked up whilst sticking my nose into the glass.  A delicious bread smell on the 2nd and 3rd attempts.  

Taste -  No heat on the lips or tongue and only a slight warmth of the tongue and throat during the finish.  The flavors are primarily cinnamon and butterscotch.  Where'd the butterscotch go!?  Either way, pretty damn tasty.  I gather this was a "calculated" mistake!  

Is it worth the $?

I got this bottle at $42...I can handle that price for restock bottles in my bar.