Ezra Brooks 101


Intro: Kentucky- 7 years ago, a limited number of barrels of our rare old sippin' whiskey were carefully stored away, not to be disturbed until they reached their peak of smoothness. This excellent spirit is the result!

Review: The nose: nice hints of vanilla and some fume from the alcohol stings the nostrils. I enjoy the smell of this bourbon, it is not on the shelf because it is from my favorite distiller, Buffalo Trace, but because I am addicted to finding bottles around this wonderful country and when I do, I have to snag them up. It is a well balanced aroma and glad to have it.

The first sip…slight lip burn, no mouth burn, oily on the tongue…wwwhhoooo the first swig is forward on the grains…then BURN! Now it is mellowing out…still grainy, not a ton of sweetness, must be a higher rye than I like. Second sip…no lip burn…same oily feel, grainy still, fume and burn on that one as well. Kind of like medicine on the finish. It’s not offensive but if it has a cherry finish, I might think it would be a stiff NyQuil. Third sip…let’s see how this one goes…no burn in the mouth, a sharp exhale on the swallow produced less burning sensation right away but then chest burn. Same flavors. I do not put water or ice in my reviews but this might be one that could use something to go with it.

Is it worth the $? I wanna say I bought this for $28 at an ABC liquor store in Sanford, FL. Looking at the giant 7 years on the front I thought, well it might be worth having…and yeah for me and my collection this is a fine addition. Is this a replacement for anything in my cabinet for certain occasions? No. It’s more than I pay for 10 year old Eagle Rare. I’m not offended by it, it serves it’s purpose but would I say get it over say a Eagle Rare or Makers 46…I think I would rather have Woodford Reserve over this as a daily drinker. For just a collectors item…yeah get it. Sip number 4….ok it was just the last bit in the glass, still burning and still the same tastes.