Elijah Craig Small Batch


Intro:  From Heaven Hill website:

Elijah Craig Small Batch is a true Small Batch premium Bourbon, and had that distinction before the term even existed. 

Bottled exclusively from Bourbon between 8 and 12-year-old, the brand carries the name of the Rev. Elijah Craig, the man who discovered the method of making true Kentucky Bourbon when he stored his wares in barrels that had been charred in a fire.

This expertise and attention to detail give Elijah Craig Small Batch the right balance of rich flavor and full body. Each small batch carries a signature warm spice and subtle smoke flavor. A combination that belongs in any Bourbon fan’s regular rotation.


Heaven Hill did a bang-up job with this brand.  Elijah Craig not only carries a proud name, but has stood the test of time with a classy and affordable product.  The first pull from the nose holds a light astringency that clears off within seconds.  After that, I find the aroma very pleasant....and slightly different than the majority of bourbons I have sampled.  It has the light fruity and vanilla notes but is the first I can recall that almost has a mixture of mint in the nose.  

Hitting the lips, this bourbon assures you it is aged beyond a decade.  It is potent, yet balanced.  It has the spice flavors you typically anticipate, but has an earthy mix and a smoky portion of the barrel that really mixes well together.  The finish leaves your tongue tingling, but not burning and the flavors resound on your palate.  It is an artfully crafted bourbon.  

Is it worth the $?

This is the best part...I got this for $22 at the Navy Exchange.  Between this and Eagle Rare (both aged beyond 10 years), you will not find more bang for your buck!