Early Times Bottled in Bond


Intro:  There is nothing on this bourbon on their website.  I purchased it in Kentucky and heard it was worth having so here we go.  It doesn't have an age statement on it, so it's at least 4 years old and regular early times is a Kentucky Whisky not a bourbon.  This is a Brown-Foreman product.  

Review:  The rub...some fume but tons of barn wood smells.  The nose...it has a nice nose of woody smells but fumes more than anything else.  

The first sip...lip burn...oh god!  No tongue burn but just some heat.  Mmmm...that's pretty good, tons of heat and it's burning down all the way down the chest.  The finish is hot but has a semi-chocolate taste.  The second sip...less lip burn...no heat in the mouth.  Corn and grain flavors this time but a sweet finish.  It's not too far off from a Woodford product.  Third sip...a bigger sip and a little more heat, but a candy flavor that I can't place but it's something from your childhood...like a cheap candy.  It's not offensive.  Sitting for a minute, I still have a grainy flavor that is my favorite.  Once all the burn is gone, the flavor is really good, makes you forget the burn.  Last sip...grains and sweetness.  Not much on the burn this time, was a smaller sip, so if you want to not have the burn, just take smaller sips.  Great after taste. 

Is it worth the $?  I paid $19.99...yeah it's well worth the price and unique.  It's a touch on the hot side compared to bourbons that have similar finishes like Eagle Rare or OF 1920.  This is a great product!