Early Times 354 Bourbon


Intro: Well this is a bourbon that was supposed to pay homage to 354, the Brown Forman federal distillery permit number…released in 2011 and cancelled just 4 years later. It is 80 proof, so nothing that would stand up to today’s tastes in straight from the barrel society in which we find ourselves. I found this bottle on the bottom shelf of a liquor store in Sanford, FL

Review: The nose…vanilla, slight fume, and a grainy texture. “An oaky nutty-ness, like an old edam cheese…”

The first sip…no lip burn, warm vanilla flavors, tasting the grains and rye, and then a rush of burn as it works it’s way down the chest. Now that it has had a moment to sit, it’s not a bad flavor. The second sip..no lip burn, this time no chest burn, the flavor is very mellow as expected, its a sweetish bourbon, but kind of lifeless. The third sip…the nose as I was drinking was more appealing, smells of the barrel and oak came out…no lip burn or mouth burn, grain forward, like a watery cereal that warms the chest.

Is it worth the $?

I paid $13.99 plus tax. Finding a bottle on the shelf from 4 years ago was kind of cool and worth the money. Would the bourbon be worth it though in it’s prime…well it was cancelled so I guess not. To me it’s a cool find to have. It’s just not an awesome bourbon. Very light and grainy, not my cup of tea and I can’t think of anyone who would appreciate this on a normal basis. Adding it to coke or a mixed drink would’t be worth it. It’s already light enough, adding water would do nothing. There you have it, a relic from 2014.