Blood Oath Pact No. 4



A masterful union of three well-bred bourbons, each bringing it’s own voice to the rich harmony found inside each bottle. The first, an extra-aged 12-year-old bourbon, provides a mellow, smooth finish with deep oak undertones. The second, a rich 10-year-old bourbon, provides warm caramel and honey flavors. The third, a 9-year-old bourbon finished in toasted bourbon barrels, adds deep chocolate, vanilla with extra spice.


First of all, I have to pay kudos to Lux Row. I visited their new distillery in Bardstown last month (December 2018) and they did a fantastic job with the building design, décor, and overall ambiance. I was a fan of Blood Oath well before setting foot in their building, but seeing their property made me decide to reconsider spending the money to get all the pacts in my collection.

Nose - A light airy citrus, floral, and vanilla merger….no fumes…exceptional. In fact the only drawback is I wish the aroma was stronger. I had to jam my nose in the glass to get much. Rubbing the bourbon on my hands and then smelling it, it is still very subtle but I can get the earthy and oak aromas using this method. It has a great nose….again, I don’t know how to make the smell stronger, but that is what I desire.

Taste - I took in a decent sized sip to prime the palette and it flows smoothly over the lips with no heat and settles easily on my tongue. The heat finally emerged after about 5+ seconds on the tongue. The flavor I get the most is a sweet chocolate with almost a honey following. The spice is more cinnamon/holiday spice with not much pepper. The finish is almost like a full continuation of the sip, almost as though my tongue was dipped in a glass of it. It is delicious…nice job Lux Row!

Is it worth the $? - Now, the Pact No. 2 I got for $85-$90 in Jacksonville, FL (which was a great price at the time), if I recall correctly. This I got at a small boutique grocery store in Maryland for $110. It is always hard paying over $100 for a single bottle. For collectors, I think it is worth getting this one, especially to complete the Blood Oath set. For average bourbon drinkers, I would steer clear.