Tennessee Crown (8 year) Bourbon

Tennessee Crown (8 year).png


I gather this is a lesser known bourbon because: a) I had never heard of it and b) I can’t for the life of me find a website (including the distillery site) that has any information on this particular bourbon. I dropped into one of the better liquor stores in Maryland (Bob’s “Beer Cave” Sunoco) to see what new items they had and came out with this little guy in an episode of complete loss of self control, where I spent $267 on bourbon. Fortunately my wife doesn’t appreciate my work enough to read any of these! The bottle itself is pretty badass, it was 8 years old and priced under 50 bananas, so I adopted it!


Nose - Heavy citrus and zero fumes…very pleasant. I don’t really pick up many sweet notes, mostly the citrus…almost a vague hint of orange hand cleaner. I am a fan. It is subtle and smooth.

Taste - Hardly any heat to the lips or tongue…..like no heat whatsoever. You can gargle, swish, and hold forever and this bourbon won’t bite. Easy finish with very mellow flavors. A light emergence of heat in the chest. 2nd sip: No heat again, light cinnamon flavor on the tip and sides of the tongue. Not real sweet, but not harsh at all. It is pretty damn good and smooth, which I would expect from an 8 year 80 proof. I can taste a very mild caramel but not much vanilla.

Is it worth the $?

I got this for $45 and I dig it. It is worth it to keep in the cabinet for style points alone. I think this is a rare find, so I would jump on it.