Seacrets Classic Bourbon



Erected in 2016, Seacrets Distillery marks a new milestone for the town of Ocean City, MD as the first distillery built in Worcester County since the end of Prohibition in 1933.

Seacrets Distilling Company proudly produces the award-winning Seacrets Spirits – A fearless collection of premium small-batch, handcrafted spirits. From the bold Spiced & Gold Rums and sweet White & Coconut Rums, to the ultra-smooth Vodka and exceptionally refined Gin. Our flavored vodkas are a must try – Lemon Drop, Orange and Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka, macerated with fresh fruits. And traditional Bourbon and American Whiskies. 

It’s “The Taste Worth Fighting For!” Seacrets bourbon is a hand crafted, full-flavored style bourbon that has been aged for six years in white oak barrels.


Again, being a Maryland resident the last 2+ years, I am eager to find a bourbon that is top notch produced in the state. This distillery looks awesome…they produce a wide variety of spirits and have a really cool layout to their distillery. I plan to make a visit as soon as humanly possible. Also, the bottle design is top notch!

Nose - Not much vapor and a pretty decent aroma. A bit of a citrus on this one too. I am a fan of the citrus aroma bourbons. I know it is not typical, but…well…neither am I! Using the rub to pull out some hidden aromas I get…YOU GUESSED IT…barn and yeast. Along with the citrus, I get almost a light nose of honey. It is a damn good smelling bourbon.

Taste - Not much in the way of heat…not on the lips…not on the tongue….not on the finish. The finish leaves a bit of a cinnamon linger, but the overall flavor is very mellow. 2nd sip has some pepper appear on the side of the tongue and there is something faintly tart on the tongue, like the citrus that was picked up on the nose. Overall is a decent tasting bourbon. Not knocking my sox off by any means, but a pretty good find.

Is it worth the $?

I got this for $40. As far as the bourbon goes, again, there are better bourbons for cheaper prices. However, this is a craft distiller and not widely distributed. If you come across it, I recommend grabbing it.