Whiskey Row


The stretch of Renaissance Revival buildings located on Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky is locally known as Whiskey Row.  From 1850 through Prohibition, Whiskey Row became the trading center for all spirits distilled in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Kentucky and West Virginia.  Whiskey from upriver was warehoused and blended with Kentucky whiskey on its way downriver to New Orleans and overland to the West.   Whiskey Row Bourbon is a blend of small batch barrels that mirrors many of those early recipes so that you may enjoy the same flavors that our ancestors enjoyed during the foundation and westward expansion of our nation.  Whiskey Row Whiskey Bourbon is the house brand for Kentucky Artisan Distillery.


Nose - Damn that is good!  As far as the nose goes, I give it a....a....A TEN!  A FUCKIN TEN!!!  No vapor burn...just straight bliss.  There isn't much of a vanilla aroma...maybe a touch of caramel.  I can't put my finger on it but the smell makes me want to go back for more.

Rub -   Yeast and oak...plus THE FUCKIN TEN from before!  

Taste - Such a build up on the smell.  I hope the taste doesn't suck.  First sip, no burn to the lips and a small amount to the tongue.  The taste is a bit dull and lacking in character and complexity.  The finish is easy but with only a bit of heat and not a lot of aftertaste.  This can't be!!!  Round 2....swishing to draw out any hidden flavors.  Better this time but something still seems to be lacking about it.  There is a bit of the traditional caramel and vanilla with a cinnamon chaser.  Otherwise, not a whole lot going on.  

Is it worth the $?

If I were to stop at the smell, this is a top 5 bourbon in my opinion.  The taste isn't bad...it just isn't great and doesn't live up to the aroma, in my opinion.  I think I got this around $40 in Louisville.  It is a collector, but there are better tasting bourbons in the $30 realm.