Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

Old Forester Prohibition Style.png


In crafting 1920, we were able to spend time thinking about the legacy of Owsley Brown I and what was an incredibly unique era in our country’s history – Prohibition. 1920 Prohibition Style is our toast to the innovative and enduring spirit of Old Forester.

This 115 proof expression is the third release in our Old Forester Whiskey Row series and celebrates the brand’s continued distillation during Prohibition. For 13 years, the production, transport and sale of alcohol was strictly prohibited. However, Old Forester was granted a permit to continue distilling on Louisville’s Whiskey Row. The 115 proof expression represents a barrel sample that company president Owsley Brown I would have batched at the beginning of Prohibition.


Nose - Has a real mellow sweet smell with no vapors at all.  I pick up a bit of vanilla and almost a bubble gum aroma.  Light on the spices...maybe some cinnamon.  No barrel at all.  

Rub - Tobacco barn...like the stripping room of a tobacco barn.  I haven't worked tobacco since I graduated high school and it almost makes me homesick despite the not-so-fond memories I credit to that VILE WEED!  There is a bit of the vanilla and less of the yeast smell I have picked up on most other bourbons.  

Vile Weed.jpg

Taste - No heat on the lips, sweet bubblegumesque flavor on the front of the tongue, spice on the middle and a bit of heat on the back of the tongue.  Yikes...hot finish.  Cools off quickly, but the initial swallow got a little roasty toasty!  Sip numero dos coming....less sweetness the time around, some of the spice really show up....a cinnamon and pepper merger.  Finish was much smoother this time around.  Overall, it is not bad.  I prefer the birthday bourbon more, but this is a decent one too.    

Is it worth the $?

The MSRP for this one is $60.  It is worth one in the collection, but isn't so much better than the OF classic 86 proof ($20) that justifies a 200% markup.